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Sunrise is located just set back off the main road running through Parbold, opposite to the parade of shops, close to the train station. We have three car parking spaces in front of the surgery and many more at the back, all free for our clients to use.


We have a designated reception area, where we ensure you will always feel welcome and your...

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Consulting Room

We believe the consulting room is one of the most important areas in a veterinary surgery,...

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Diagnostic Laboratory

We have modern automated blood testing machines that facilitate us to carry out complete blood cell...

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Diagnostic Imaging

We have a dedicated, radiation protected imaging suite equipped with a high performance X-ray machine...

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Anaesthetic Systems

Our diagnostic imaging, prep room and operating theatre are equipped with wall-mounted anaesthetic machines with piped...

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Preparation Room/Dental Theatre

We have a dedicated surgical preparation room, with modern facilities and equipment for surgical instrument and...

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Operating Theatre

We have a dedicated operating theatre with a modern operating table, operating lights and equipment. We...

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In-Patient Facilities

We do not admit patients into kennels to wait for their turn for surgery. Each patient...

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Communication & Computer Systems

Our in-house communication system is designed and equipped such that we can communicate with other members...

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Safety Systems

In order to ensure the safety of our staff, patients and clients, access to the reception...

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Serving Safely in Pandemic Times

We are committed to meeting all veterinary needs of our clients and their pets while ensuring safety of all concerned.

Please check our Safety Protocols section for further important information in this regard.

Thank you!