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Business Terms and Conditions

We, the Sunrise Veterinary Services Ltd, provide services and supply products on following terms and conditions

1. Veterinary services

  • 1.2. All veterinary services will be provided by appropriately qualified staff taking into account the nature of the service being provided.
  • 1.3. Whenever applicable upon your request a treatment plan for the supply of veterinary services will be agreed with you following the initial consultation. This will include an estimate regarding the treatment required. In an emergency situation we reserve the right to provide such veterinary services deemed reasonable necessary, in the professional judgment of the veterinary staff, without agreeing to a treatment plan.
  • 1.4. Any estimate given can only be an approximation of the cost of treatment required, if the cost of treatment looks as though it will exceed the original estimate, the veterinary surgeon responsible for provide the services will discuss any increased fees with you before any further treatment/procedures are carried out (not applicable in the event of an emergency at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon acting in the best interest of your pet).
  • 1.5. We will endeavour to provide veterinary services in accordance with reasonable standards signified by the RCVS guidelines for practice standards and the professional conduct of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.
  • 1.6. These veterinary services shall be supplied during our normal business hours (current opening times can be found on our website). In an emergency the vet may be able to see your pet outside of these business hours but this will carry an extra charge.
  • 1.7. We reserve the right to decline to supply veterinary services at our discretion. You are free at all times, at your cost, to seek a second opinion on or concerning any veterinary services provided, subject to the payment responsibilities in these terms and conditions.

2. Veterinary products

  • 2.1. You acknowledge and agree that all products must only be used in accordance with the instructions supplied with them or issued orally by the veterinary surgeon or nurse. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of any product, you should consult the veterinary surgeon providing the veterinary service or veterinary nurse for clarification.
  • 2.2. Any products supplied to us shall be of satisfactory quality, deemed necessary by the veterinary surgeon providing the veterinary service, or other staff, and shall comply with any description given. All other warrantees, expressed or implied, are hereby excluded.
  • 2.3. In the event of any defect or failure in any product our liability to you shall be to replace the product or refund the price paid by you for the product. Please be aware, open medication, not in its original packaging cannot be refunded but returned for disposal.

3. Service Charges

  • 3.1. All veterinary services and products provided by us shall be charged in accordance with our current price list (of which is available, with notice, upon request) if you have any questions regarding the level of charged that will be incurred you should consult the veterinary surgeon in charge of your pets treatment or staff for clarification.
  • 3.2. Payment is to be made in full by you, at time the services, or products are supplied, either at the end of the consultation, on discharge of your pet or on collection of products. All invoices are to be settled in full on receipt of the invoice, we may at our discretion agree that you may delay payment of an invoice, but only agreed by the veterinary surgeon himself. You are liable for all costs if the insurance company do not agree to pay for the services or treatment and is to be paid in full.
  • 3.3. We accept direct insurance claims at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon or head nurse. A direct claim is where you do not pay us, we claim the money direct from the insurance company, upon receiving the excess payment from yourself upfront. In the event the insurance claim is not paid by your insurance company for any reason you are liable for the outstanding balance.
  • 3.4. We may refer overdue accounts to a debt collection agency.
  • 3.5. In the event that any invoice owed by you is not paid when due, then we may at any time, add additional charges to your account for administrative costs, or issue notice to you that no further veterinary services/products will be supplied to you.
  • 3.6. If you are, for a valid reason, unable to pay for the veterinary services we are only obliged to fulfil our minimal legal responsibilities and professional obligations in respect to your pet.

4. Liability

We carry professional indemnity insurance. We supply veterinary services and products to you on the condition that our liability for any loss, claim, cost or expense arising out said supply shall not exceed and shall be limited to a maximum of the insured sum.

5. Complaints

  • 5.1. All our clients should be satisfied with the veterinary services and any products supplied. In the event you are dis-satisfied with any aspect of the veterinary service or products supplied by us or our staff, in the first instance you should contact the practice manager to discuss your concerns and he shall address any issues arising.
  • 5.2. If you remain dissatisfied then please refer to our complaints policy.
  • 5.3. In the case a complaint is made, we may share your information with our insurers or our indemnity providers or other professional advisors if we believe this will enable us to resolve your complaint more effectively.

6. Pet insurance

Whilst we recommend pet insurance cover, any contract of insurance is between you and the insurer. Please refer to your terms and conditions of the policy

7. Data protection

We will use the personal information you provide us with to:

  • provide the veterinary service and products
  • process your payments for the veterinary services and products
  • inform you about products and services we provide, including annual vaccinations


8. No alterations may be made to these terms and conditions without our expressed written consent. We may update or amend these terms and conditions at any time by placing notice to that effect in our practice.

9. The care given to your pet may involve talking photographs and radiographs. These case records shall be retained by us. Copies with a summary of the history of any patient can be passed to another veterinary surgeon taking over a case, on consent to us and settlement in full due to us in relation of such patient’s treatment by us.

10. When a repeat prescription is requested for your pet, we can supply the medication if;

  • 10.1. The veterinary surgeon caring for your pet has authorised the repeat.
  • 10.2. Your pet has been seen by our veterinary surgeon within the last 6 months.

There will be a charge for such repeat prescription to cover the time, responsibility, and professional costs involved.

11. Our VAT number is 974266584. If you have any questions please contact us in writing;
Sunrise VETS, 6-6a The Common, Parbold, Wigan, Lancashire, WN87DA.

All enquiries please call 01257 463142 or make an Online Enquiry