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Unlike humans, pets are not in a position to tell us if they are bothered by something that isn’t obvious to their owners, for example they cannot see well, or have a tummy or tooth ache. It is only when such problems become severe that they will develop outward signs like becoming lethargic or showing reduced appetite, lameness or excessive thirst etc. Similarly, pets develop issues that are related to age, which remain hidden from the owners eyes and if diagnosed at an earlier stage can be treated more easily, cost effectively and most important of all to greater benefit of the pet. It is for such reasons, that we prompt all our clients to bring their pets for at least a yearly health check-up, which we usually conduct alongside the annual vaccination.

Such check-up also helps us to review the status of anti-parasite treatment regimes used for the pets. In case of older pets and depending upon their state of health, we may recommend check-ups at shorter intervals.

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We are proud of our modern, state-of-the-art facilities which enable us to provide comprehensive and affordable health care for pets.

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