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The ideal place to provide veterinary care to patients is the surgery where we have the necessary equipment to facilitate the right diagnosis and to provide appropriate supportive medical treatment like oxygen and intravenous fluids to the unwell patient. This is even more important for animals that need emergency help. Similarly, putting an animal to sleep in the home environment though a good idea can pose technical challenges if the patient is agitated or has got low blood pressure to raise the veins for intravenous catheterisation.

However, we will make a home visit in circumstances where for genuine reasons other than transport a pet cannot be brought to the surgery and the animal is needing attention for a problem that can be safely and appropriately addressed in the home environment. But such visit have got to be pre-arranged and will usually take place outside our normal working hours.

Home visits will cost much more than the treatment at the surgery.

All enquiries please call 01257 463142 or make an Online Enquiry

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