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Besides attending to your pets unforeseen veterinary medical or surgical needs, we practice a policy for proactive health care. We do this by taking a degree of responsibility in ensuring your pet stays fully protected and in a good state of health. In practical terms this means we will regularly prompt, guide and support you to meet the health needs of your pet.

New Pet Health Check

New Pet Health Check When you get a new puppy or kitten, we offer a free...

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Vaccination Vaccinations are essential to keep our pets protected against a range of infectious diseases. In...

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Growth & Development Check-up

All puppies and kittens under our care receive a free growth and development check when they...

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Regular Health Check-ups

Unlike humans, pets are not in a position to tell us if they are bothered by...

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Parasite Control

Parasite Control Dogs and cats are born with larval stages of worms that is why worm...

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Neutering Neutering, castration or spaying, is important to ensure health and safety of pets. We promote...

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Clinical Health Care

Clinical Health Care We provide a welcoming, calm, clean and relaxed environment for our clients and...

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Surgical Health Care

Soft Tissue Surgery Besides surgical treatment of traumatic injuries, lumps and bumps we treat a huge...

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Dental Health Care

Dental Health Care We promote proactive dental care in pets. We ensure that your pets teeth...

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Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions Pets suffering from chronic disease conditions often need long-term medication to give them an...

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Home Visit

Home Visit The ideal place to provide veterinary care to patients is the surgery where we...

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Pet Passports

Pet Passports If you are thinking of taking your pet dog or cat on a holiday...

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Serving Safely in Pandemic Times

We are committed to meeting all veterinary needs of our clients and their pets while ensuring safety of all concerned.

Please check our Safety Protocols section for further important information in this regard.

Thank you!