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New Pet Health Check

When you get a new puppy or kitten, we offer a free pre-vaccination health check and recommend it to be done on the day you get your new pet or soon thereafter. We will check your pet for any health conditions that may become a cause of concern later on and provide advice regarding general health care, nutrition, vaccination and parasite control etc.

When you get an adult dog or cat, you generally rely on the information provided by the providers regarding the pets state of health. We advise and offer a health check for all new pets and provide independent advice regarding the health of the pet. Some of such pets, when presented for an examination reveal health issues that the new owners have not been informed about or perhaps the original owners were unaware of. It is important to know the true state of health of your new pet so that you know what to expect of your pet and the potential costs of any conditions unknown at the time of procuring the pet. Obviously, at such check-ups we get an opportunity to provide information regarding specific breed related issues and general health up keep of the pets.

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We are proud of our modern, state-of-the-art facilities which enable us to provide comprehensive and affordable health care for pets.

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