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Safety Protocol

In order to serve you safely and to maintain mandatory social distancing, we are currently not in a position to allow clients into the practice, for which we request understanding.

When visiting us for an appointment with your pet, please follow the following advice:

1. Before you leave home, please write on a sheet of paper the following information: your pet’s name, your own name, the mobile phone number your will be carrying with you and the list of the concerns about your pet you would want to us to address. We will take this sheet from you when we take your pet into the surgery.

2. When you arrive at the surgery please stay in your car and call us to let us know you are there. We will attend to you as soon as possible.

3. Please remember to bring your face mask with you and use it ensuring your nose and mouth are covered when you are in the proximity of our staff. Our staff will do the same.

4. When we are ready for you, depending on the type of pet, we will proceed as follows:

  • Dog on lead – we will ask you to bring the dog close to the front door but please try to stay behind the yellow line marking 2 meters distance form the door. We will provide you a slip lead with one end securely tied to a fixture near the door and the other end with a loop to go over your dog’s head; once in position on the neck secure it tight by sliding down the leather piece on the lead and then only unclip your own lead from your dog’s collar or harness. We will then help your dog into the surgery.
  • Large puppy – come for initial vaccinations, we will take the puppy over from you minimising the time of proximity.
  • Small puppy or a toy breed dog – we will put a white basket (which opens from the top and closes using a long red pin) on the step in front of the surgery door for you to put your pet in. Once in, you step back behind the yellow line and we will pick up the basket.
  • Cat, rabbit or other small pets – put your safely closed basket on the step in front of the surgery and step back behind the yellow line and will pick up the basket.

5. Please remember to let us know, if your pet doe not like handling and any special precautions need to be taken.

6. While your pet is with us, please do not leave the premises and keep your phone available; we may need to speak to you to get more history or to explain to you our findings or discuss with any further investigations needed or treatment prescribed.

7. Once the consultation or treatment is complete, we will contact you on phone and ask you to pick up your pet. This will be done in the same way as we took the pet over initially but in a reverse order.

8. Payments – please remember to bring your debit or credit card with you. Using a disposable paper handkerchief, the receptionist will take your bank card and take the payment while you are waiting and return it to you in the same way along with the receipt without your card being actually touched. Alternatively, you can call us from your car and pay over the phone before you leave the premises.

9. Any dispensed medicines will be place on a safe station close to our front door for you to pick up. Please read the labels on the medicine carefully and call us if you are unsure about anything before leaving the premises.

Thank you.

All enquiries please call 01257 463142 or make an Online Enquiry

Serving Safely in Pandemic Times

We are committed to meeting all veterinary needs of our clients and their pets while ensuring safety of all concerned.

Please check our Safety Protocols section for further important information in this regard.

Thank you!